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Virtual Dynamics is pleased to announce an aggressive trade-in program of virtually any audio cable you may have.  If you'd like to try Virtual Dynamics but are already buried in cables or looking for a way to come up with the extra cash contact a virtual dynamics sales rep today.  Sale ends August 31. Contact by email.
...Thus, in the context of sub-$5,000 equipment, the resultant dynamic clarity, tonal opulence and spatial richness as offered by two Virtual Dynamics Testament 2.0 provided an immediately compelling case against putting all of one’s investment into acquiring a single power cable at around $1,000 for just one component.
See what great deals you can pick up today from DrAudio.   All sorts of cables and special offers are available. 

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Complimentary Accolades
Can my system get any better...... sure it can? However, until I started upgrading my cables three or four years ago, with Virtual Dynamics, I was totally unsatisfied with my sound. Will I one day want to upgrade my electronics, so they are commensurate with my VD bet I will....
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
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Audio Bliss 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee 
We've got you covered.  The new 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee,
a Lifetime Warranty,
and the Trade-Up Program ensures peace of mind.
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